MIND TRICK’S TOFFEE: My Mind’s telling me no… but my body

100mg THC | Tested by: PharmLabs

Mind Tricks toffee is a new creation combining the decadence of handmade confections with the potency of C02 extracted cannabis oil. A collaboration between Jetty Extracts and Sweetbricks, this delectable edible is the perfect hit of both naughty and nice.

This is some serious indulgence. The sugary, crunchy texture of the toffee is cut by the creamy chocolate and finished with the toasted flavor of the graham cracker. In between it all there’s little bites of marshmallows and bonfire smoke infused sea salt. Not only delicious, it’s potent. I ate just two of the five 20mg pieces that come in a pack and after about an hour I was feeling relaxed and creative. The effects came on slowly and with ease, no mind-bending trip here, just an intense calm, coupled with a happy and uplifted feeling. This lovely toffee certainly stole my heart.

Mind Trick’s Toffee

Originally published at Dope Magazine.

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