OULDER, CO — NOV 12, 2016

The International Hemp Exchange is excited to announce the launch of a first-of- its-kind website designed to help fuel the growth of the hemp industry by creating an online marketplace where buyers and sellers can reliably transact with qualified counterparts, all while expanding their prospects for future growth.

Buyers, sellers, and other interested parties can visit the website at , and will find a user experience designed to facilitate a straightforward transaction process, all while trying to keep the community educated on the most relevant industry topics.

The business is the brainchild of Mike Leago, a well-respected member of the industry in Colorado, who made the decision to act on the obvious need for more efficient connectivity within the industry.

“This is something that needed to happen,” said Mike Leago, Founder of the International Hemp Exchange. “The idea that this exchange could help propel an industry that we all care so much about is a real motivator for me and my team.”

The International Hemp Exchange ( was created as a digital community for the Hemp Industry where buyers, sellers and other stakeholders from across the value chain come together to connect, engage, and transact. The platform is equally suited to wholesale and retail customers alike.

“At the core, we’re really about trying to generate connectivity and market confidence for our users,” Leago added. “It’s all about doing whatever we can to help the industry grow.”


The International Hemp Exchange was founded in Boulder, Colorado in 2016 with the goal of creating connectivity for, and inspiring confidence in, the businesses driving the hemp revolution. Go to to learn more.
 CONTACT: Wendell Simonson, VP of Marketing, 303–709–6167,

Originally published at Dope Magazine.

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