Review: Pollen Nation Supplement

Pollen Nation Supplement

Bee pollen’s global use as a holistic treatment is a monument to the collaborative relationship bees have with Earth. Increasingly so, cannabis is earning a similar reputation — making the combination of the two a new age dynamic duo worth exploring.

Pollen Nations Pollen-Kief capsules offer individuals options for addressing allergy symptoms with or without a psychoactive kick. The capsules are made with all-natural ingredients and vegan casings, filled with North American pollen. When sourced at the local level, bee pollen only increases its capacity to address ailments common to a specific region — making these all the more effective as an allergy-fighter.

“Bee pollen is like the new vitamin,” explained the team at Pollen Nation, all of whom are dedicated to spreading the word. Together, their company volunteers with local beekeepers, maintaining hives and attending monthly beekeeping meetings. Feedback from patients who take the supplement confirm their findings, where reports of progression in health, energy levels and mental clarity are the norm.

Pollen Nation Pollen-Kief capsules come in THC and THCA versions, with options ranging from low dose 10mg to moderately dosed 25mg THC and THCA capsules. Start slow, with one a day for the first few days, then boost to two or three capsules based on preference. For lower tolerance users, try 10mg to start and warm up to 25mg. I stopped taking prescription strength allergy medicine during this trial successfully. Or if you do not desire psychoactive effects at all, try the THCA option.

As a higher dose patient, I experienced mild effects from a single THC serving. With a double dose adding up to 50mg, I felt very giddy and uplifted. In addition, the THCA capsules have absolutely no psychoactive effects, a pleasant surprise.

Interesting facts

-Purchasing bee products keeps the bees busy and sustained, especially by supporting businesses like Pollen Nation

-Bee pollen is full of protein, simple amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants.

-Please do not use this product if you have an allergy to bees or bee pollen, it can cause a severe allergic reaction for those with sensitivities.

“THC/THCA and Bee Pollen have a symbiotic relationship that work together to help allergies, anti-aging, weight management, cramp and PMS alleviation, preventing/slowing cancer tumor growth, suppressing addictive cravings and many more ailments,” shared the team at Pollen Nation.








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