The Crown Collection: Farmer’s Reserve

The Crown Collection: Farmer’s Reserve

A Collaboration Between Craft Cannabis and High End Art

Crystals and Cannabis? Yes please! Located in the heart of Boulder is The Crown Collection, a gallery chock-full of ethereal art, jewelry and gems. Founded and owned by Ryan Rehbock, his collection not only draws a large and loyal following, but also represents some of the most respectable and high-end jewelers in the scene.

“I started The Crown Collection in September of 2001, and I have been in constant amazement of the support we’ve been receiving since the day I decided to represent these artists. It’s my job to get these individuals the recognition they deserve, and help give them the means to create without interruptions in their process. The Farm has been a big part of Boulder since I moved here in 2010. I was always impressed with their love and care for their product, and I have connected with great employees of The Farm over the years. I truly believe their growers are artists, and felt it was fitting to team up.” — Ryan Rehbock, Owner and Founder of The Crown Collection

The Farm, also recognized for its innovative and artful approach to high-quality products, is known as one of Boulder’s finest recreational dispensaries. All of their craft cannabis is bred in-house, and each strain is meticulously cultivated by expert growers to optimize the plant’s full genetic potential. At the end of the day, these guys don’t sell anything they wouldn’t smoke themselves.

I truly believe their growers are artists, and felt it was fitting to team up.”
- Ryan Rehbock

“We pride ourselves on growing the cleanest cannabis in the industry. Over our seven-year history we’ve put together a comprehensive strategy of uber-clean practices that require a great deal of organizational discipline to achieve. Our growers take great pride in this process. Once our plants start flowering, there is absolutely nothing applied to them, except for predatory insects and a lot of grower attention. We believe strongly that, even organic pesticides should not be applied to cannabis flower, because we simply do not yet know the impact of incinerating and inhaling such products. This is what sets us apart from many in the industry.” — Devin Liles, CEO of The Farm

Both passion and a fierce desire for excellence brought these two companies together. As two staple lifestyle businesses out of Boulder, they realized that teaming up would bring about something particularly special. The result? Three small batch artisanal-crafted strains, each created and inspired with a specific mineral gem in mind.

“The goal with these three strains was to create heavy indica-dominant varieties that hit the high notes on potency and flavor. We’ve painstakingly combed through dozens of phenotypes and selected only the highest performing plants for the Crown Collection Reserve.”-
- Carter, Genetics Specialist

The Crown Collection: Farmer’s Reserve features three crystal inspired strains including Herkimer OG, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst. In addition to these flowers, there are also two CO2 Concentrates: Fin Des Temps, dedicated to world renown jeweler and Crown Collection artist Christopher Ser, is a highly potent indica-dominant strain which tests at a whopping 92 percent THC. Equally as unique is the Champagne, a lively and energizing sativa strain which tests at 88 percent. These are both currently available in very limited amounts at The Farm’s location on Iris Street in downtown Boulder. Once they run out they’re gone for good!

One of the strains from The Crown Collection

Devin Donohue, the lead grower shared his insight with us. Rose Quartz, a cross of The White and Sour Strawberry, grows into tight little round buds with a thick layer of snowy trichomes which subdue the bud’s purple, green and light red hues. This gem of a strain (pun intended) is packed with powerfully strong relaxing effects of both mind and body, the perfect herb to wind down after a long day.

Carter, the Genetics Specialist shared his take on the strains and the collaboration, “Each strain has pretty unique qualities that makes it hard for me to choose one over the other. The flavor on the Rose Quartz really is amazing. It’s like a creamy strawberry parfait. With its heavy couchlock indica high, it makes a great dessert ganja. I think the main driving force behind this collaboration is that we are showing the world that growing cannabis is an art form too. Your experience with any particular strain is the result of thousands of decisions and personal preferences expressed by the grower. Each of those decisions adds up, like brush strokes on a painting, to a masterpiece that all your senses get to enjoy.”

Amethyst, a strain fully worthy of its name is a cross of Sour Bubble and Blackberry Kush. Bold green and purple colors contrasted by sexy little orange hairs, the effects of head and body are well balanced with a particularly nice lucid cerebral high. Lastly is Herkimer OG, a cross between Chuckle OG and Sour Bubble. These buds are small and dense, with light green and amber hues that are the result of uncompromising trichome production. The frosty layer of diamond dust on these babies will leave you with a notably fierce head high as well as deep physical relaxation.

Originally published at Dope Magazine.

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