Young Entrepreneurs Leading The Way In Edibles

Eight years ago, Nadeem Al-Hasan and Thomas Rimbach crossed paths by chance. Neither knew that their 2008 chance meeting would eventually result in the creation of their top tier edible company, Baked Bros. Both Thomas and Nadeem were drawn to Arizona, a state on the horizon of passing medical cannabis legislature. While they met through a mutual friend, they soon parted ways to focus on their own personal endeavors. Nadeem moved to Washington to build up his cannabis knowledge, while Thomas served four years in the Navy.

Independent of each other, the two both made their way back to Arizona. When asked if they had planned to eventually work together after their serendipitous meeting in 2008, Nadeem and Thomas both admitted that timing had everything to do with it. Neither had any business experience prior to entering the cannabis industry, but armed with Nadeem’s knowledge of the inner workings of the cannabis plant and Thomas’ education in chemistry, the two were able to build a company dedicated to educating patients and providing a consistent, reliable product.

Thomas and Nadeem were both around 24 when they began building their brand in 2014. They quickly received notoriety when they attended the first recreational marijuana High Times event in Denver in 2014. They carefully selected which of their products to enter into the competition, expecting positive results. To their surprise, their choice did not win, but another one of their products — Sour Kush Kids — ended up winning the People’s Choice Award for Best Product, voted on by the event’s attendees. It was one of many accolades the Baked Bros have received in the few years that they’ve been operating.

When they first entered the medical industry, both men were astounded at the products on the market — edibles claiming to have 1000mg of THC. Patients were constantly perplexed by the potency of the Baked Bro’s product, at 100 or 200mg in comparison to other products on the market claiming to be 5–10 times stronger, but not delivering the same results. Within their business, Thomas explained that he tends to take on the role of chemist; so he went to work to come up with a solution.

Thomas explained that when he and Nadeem recognized the current issues within the market, they decided they wanted to build their products based on scientifically valid measurements in dosing. If you don’t know whether the dose marketed on the product is accurate, you have no way of properly dosing for yourself.

Following their success in Denver, the Baked Bros also decided they wanted to bring, “A real medicine to the market…a product that isn’t candy or full of sugar.” They initially started out attending farmer’s markets in an effort to sell their products. However, as their reputation and brand has grown, they’ve progressed towards working with dispensaries. They’re currently engaged in an educational campaign, #DedicationToMedication, aimed at informing patients, budtenders and dispensaries on the proper dosing of edibles.

Their Pourable THC Syrup is the main product highlighted within their pamphlet, which also includes medicated gummies. While previously referred to as Dank Drank, the Pourable THC Syrup can either be consumed as standalone syrup, or can be added to any food or beverage. Their syrups currently come in five flavors: Cherry, Grape, Mango, Strawberry Kiwi and Watermelon — flavors that would compliment a cold summer drink. Besides offering a variety of flavors, the syrup is also vegan, containing zero animal byproducts. But what makes this syrup different from other edible options?

In understanding the scientific process behind activating THC, the Baked Bros are able to produce syrup that is formulated to offer patients consistent and reliable dosing. Thomas explained how often times, the THC in syrups lingers at the top of the bottle because glycerin and THC don’t bond well. The Pourable THC Syrup is formulated consistently throughout and said to take effect quickly — in little as 30–45 minutes. While Thomas focused on developing a high-quality product, Nadeem focused on marketing — becoming the face of the business.

The Baked Bros are motivated by their mutual desire to produce consistent, reliable edibles with accurate dosages. It’s apparent when speaking with Nadeem and Thomas that they care not only about their business, but about meeting the needs of their patients. Both men are passionate about their business and have a vision for helping others. Neither acknowledge that their dynamic partnership is likely the catalyst for their success. Still, the Baked Bros continue on in pursuit of their vision — to change people’s lives.

Originally published at Dope Magazine.

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