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[Pre-Mainnet ANN2]: 50M tokens burnt in launch of DropBurn

Dear DOS Network community members,

50,000,000 DOS tokens were burnt from a reserved address for network bootstrapping. It burns 5% of the total supply and it is worth about $156,000 at the moment. The amount burnt has reduced the total supply to 950,000,000 tokens.


This burnt has introduced the living of a previously mentioned “DropBurn” event, which is beneficial to the bootstrapping of staking networks. Each DropBurn token represents 10% of the staking requirements, and there’ll be a maximum number of DropBurn tokens (currently it’s 3) that can “take effect” for a single node runner. Please check the following post for more information if interested.

The generated 5,000 DropBurn token has no speculation value, but instead, it will be freely distributed to beta testers, potential developers, interested node runners, staking partners, etc., it’ll be given to anybody / any event that is good to the whole network.

Please stay tuned for more updates and launches and thank you for the support!

DOS Network Team




Boost Blockchain Usability with Real World Data and Computation Power.

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Boost Blockchain Usability with Real World Data and Computation Power.

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