16 Reasons You Need To Follow The Rock On Instagram

Can you smell what The Rock is cookin’?

Via Instagram: @TheRock

Not only does Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson post regularly to Instagram, but the content he shares is the perfect combination of awesome, adorable and awe-inspiring. Here’s why you need to be following him:

1. He laughs at himself.

It’s always refreshing when a celeb doesn’t take themselves too seriously!

2. His TBT game is hella on-point.

His use of hashtags is legit.

3. He posts super-cute photos and stories about his baby daughter.

True story: A year ago on Instagram The Rock announced he and his wife were expecting!

4. And adorable videos of him with his French bulldogs.

The Rock’s dogs Brutus and Hobbs are so precious it’s almost unbearable.

5. He’ll give you major gym goals.

Does anyone else wish they could have the gym to themselves on a random Saturday? The life!

6. He posts a lot of exclusive content from his movies.

We’re talking debuts of trailers, sneak peeks, backstage videos with various co-stars and more.

7. Including footage of himself doing some boss stunt work.

Seriously badass.

8. His travel advice is legit.

Straight from the mouth of the self-proclaimed smartest working man in Hollywood!

9. He’s an inspiring do-gooder.

The Rock makes frequent visits to children’s hospitals for the Make-A-Wish foundation.

10. He’s vocal about his support for equality.

Undeniably awesome.

11. He shows off skills you probably didn’t know he had.

“Choo choo, bitches!”

12. His sense of fashion is unparalleled.

Where does one go to get a pair of Han Solo and Boba Fett socks?

13. He reposts a lot of funny memes and viral videos.

But not in an annoying manner. The Rock’s use of memes is selective and entertaining.

14. His original content is on-trend and hilarious.

Good luck getting the PokéRock theme song out of your head.

15. He posts pics of himself with cool looking cars.

In the words of Paris Hilton, that’s hot.

16. And finally, because he legitimately seems like a quality guy.

The Rock is definitely one of my favorite celebs to follow on Instagram!

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