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American Horror Story’s New Theme Is The 2016 Election

Because life is a nightmare.

After Trump was elected President, the internet blew up with memes and tweets about how Trump in the Oval Office is basically “American Horror Story” IRL. Turns out, fans will get to watch the horror play out both in real life and on the critically-acclaimed miniseries.

Yesterday, “AHS” creator Ryan Murphy revealed on Bravo’s “Watch What Happens Live” that the next installment of his horror anthology will focus on the 2016 election:

“I don’t have a title, but the season that we begin shooting in June is going to be about the election that we just went through,” Murphy says to host Andy Cohen. “I think that will be interesting for a lot of people.”

As for if Trump will appear as a character? “Maybe,” Murphy said.

We have so many questions. For starters, will the series closely follow the real events of Trump competing with Clinton for the presidency or will it just be loosely-based on race? Which stars will return to the show? (Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters are the only announced cast members so far.) And will there be any connection to previous seasons? Who will die??

Unfortunately, we’ll probably have to wait until fall to find out, since Murphy is famously tight-lipped.

This isn’t Murphy’s first venture into the political drama field. He’s also reportedly tackling the Monica Lewinsky scandal (with a fictional Hillary Clinton) in Season 4 of “American Crime Story.”

The last season of “AHS,” which was titled “My Roanoke Nightmare,” might have given some indication into Season 7. The season explored themes of reality TV and fame along with social media obsession. And we all know how much Trump loves Twitter.