Harrowing Car Crash Survivor Video Will Ensure You Never Text & Drive Again

“Boredom, honestly.”

It’s the reason many of us reach for our phones when we’re driving. We hear a ping and scramble to see what’s happening outside of our cars. What we don’t consider, is how insignificant that moment of boredom compares to the potential impacts texting and driving can create.

I could give you real stats to explain exactly what I mean, but the consequences probably carry any weight until it’s too late. The cast of reality YouTube series SummerBreak hopes to prevent that from happening. They teamed up with AT&T’s “It Can Wait” Campaign in an exclusive video to discuss why they’ve used their phones while driving.

“I’ve only ever done it at stoplights.”

“What if something exciting’s happening or if something happened?”

“Every time I think about it, I think ‘Why am I doing this?’ And then I just keep doing it.”

Some of the cast confidently states their defense without shame or hesitation, but that didn’t last long. The group was soon introduced to Jacy Good, the sole survivor of a fatal car crash that ended her parent’s life—the person who hit them had been texting.

Jacy explains her four months of hospitalization and rehab time, which involved learning how to walk, talk and eat again. Although she survived, she’s partially paralyzed and will never see her parents again.

Jacy’s story shook the SummerBreak cast—many choked back tears. Through overwhelming feelings of guilt and sympathy, the cast promises Jacy they’ll never look at their phone while driving again.

Consider the worth of a goofy snap video or the crucial nature of finding the perfect song. Texting and driving changes lives forever.

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