Crystal Lips Outshine Every Beauty Trend You’ve Ever Seen

This look rocks so hard.


Crystals have been everywhere lately. From the runways of New York Fashion Week to Kylie Jenner’s obsession with crystal healing, the sparkly stones are now making a statement in the beauty world in the best way: on lips.

New York-based makeup artist Johannah introduced the trend on Instagram and no one can get enough of it. The fantastical look is the perfect way to add some bling to your fall makeup routine. As I’ve always said, the more sparkle, the better—and with the crystal lip, you can go as crazy as you want!

The makeup artist initially posted an Instagram picture holding up an icy crystal outlined in gold below her lips, on which she recreated the look. They’re pretty identical, if you ask me!

Johannah created these gem-like dreams with metallic colors and liquid glitter.

These looks are totally giving me “Chronicles of Narnia” vibes. Something about the crystalized aesthetic tells me this would be perfect for the White Witch.

Beauty bloggers began putting their own spin on the trend. Esther Miao created her own version of a pink crystal lip in a video that’s extremely mesmerizing to watch. I’m already plotting ways I can incorporate this into my Halloween costume.

Here’s another that’s fool’s gold-inspired and looks almost too real.

And here’s another look created by Johannah that resembles marble, using metallic pigment, just like the crystal looks.


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