James Corden Working Out Next To Teyana Taylor Is All Of Us

James Corden spoofed Kanye West’s “Fade” music video on “The Late Late Show.”

If you watched this year’s VMAs, you probably gave up on all your gym goals after watching Teyana Taylor werk it in Kanye West’s “Fade” music video. The rapper premiered the video during the awards ceremony, which featured an oiled-up and half-naked Teyana dancing in the middle of the gym like a fucking BOSS. Allow me to refresh your memory:


She’s superhuman or something, amiright?!

In a spoof of the video on “The Late Late Show,” host James Corden is in the gym with Teyana, and he’s trying to mind his own business by doing some simple bicep curls—but then there’s Teyana just doing her thang.

‘The Late Late Show’

He obvi feels inferior to Tey’s greatness, and covers it up by getting annoyed at her because literally NO ONE can move the way she does. Then, he gets oil-bombed which sets him off.

‘The Late Late Show’

When Teyana finally gets down to the floor and pulls off that incredible floor twerk/humping motion/whatever you wanna call it, James finally stops his complaining and watches transfixed. This was exactly my reaction when Kanye premiered the video, but then sadness overcame knowing that I will never be the goddess that is Teyana.

‘The Late Late Show’

Things reach a breaking point for James when the gym becomes full of sheep, and she takes that cat-like pose with Iman Shumpert. Clearly, they missed the memo on the gym’s no-sheep policy. “I only joined the gym because of its zero sheep policy,” James tells Teyana. “Cat-face is fine, but these have got to go.”

‘The Late Late Show’

Well James, if we were in your place, we would not feel worthy either. Maybe you should join Ariana and Nicki for spin class instead.

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