Just Try To Watch All These Puppy Clips Without Grinning Like A Fool

If these pups don’t make you smile, you don’t deserve to have a face.

We made you bawl your eyes out with the Dose #NoCryChallenge.

And we’re sorry about that, really. So we’re going to counteract some of those tears with a much more uplifting game: the Dose #NoSmileChallenge. And what better way to make you smile than with a bunch of angelic furballs that are so goddamn cute they’d make even Ron Swanson grin like a fool?

Let’s start with this little guy drive himself right into your heart

This treat mongrel just can’t contain his excitement.

Then we have the most patient dog/babysitter to ever walk this earth

And this nugget who wiggled a bit too hard

This dog is definitely here to make your day brighter

And this corgi is taking the stairs two at a time for you

This fluff knows you need him right now and he’s willing to brave the hot lava floor

This dog walking a puppy is simply. too. much.


This full video is sure to bring tears to my eyes.

These guys are confused by their own cuteness

And if you’re not smiling about this puppy sibling love, you’re a monster.

Then there’s this marshmallow who really deserves all the rawhide bones for the 110% he’s giving

And here we have a dog petting another dog because the world is a beautiful place

We definitely give this curious little cutie 74/10

And finally, there’s this guy whose fiercest foe is actually half a lemon


By now, you’ve undoubtedly become the 😀 emoji, so pass it on to all those you love. And for those you hate, there’s the #NoCryChallenge.

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