Watch Corgis Race, Make Your Own Day

Don’t care about the return of the NFL? Only watched the Olympics to see men in Speedos? Finally, there’s a sport you can get 100% behind: corgi racing. Even if you’re not a dog person (read: crazy person), you have to admit seeing these stumpy-legged furballs race is too glorious for words. Seriously — just watch these little babies go.

YouTube — Canterbury Park

The corgi race was the first of its kind for the Canterbury Park in Minnesota, which usually hosts horse races—and obviously it was a hit. The puppers competed in six different heats, with the top two in each heat making it to the finals.

YouTube — Canterbury Park

Sure, it’s a pretty cute event, but you have to also admire the amount of sportsmanship here. Just look at the determination on their dumb little faces as they charge toward the finish line.

YouTube — Canterbury Park

Like any major sporting event, there were a few shocking moments that kept us on the edge of our seats. One contender toppled over their stumpy legs and ruined his chances of advancing to the final heat (don’t worry, no corgi was harmed in the filming of this race).

In a huge upset, fan favorite Logan Handsomepants took home third place and underdog Pendleton took home the gold.

You can catch the biggest race of the year below.

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