You’ve Been Cutting Cake Wrong Your Entire Life

I am a strong believer that there’s no wrong way to eat cake — face stuffing, straight from the pan, just the batter, they’re all fine by me.


But this cake-cutting secret has me convinced I may have been eating my cake leftovers* wrong for the last 24 years.

*If cake leftovers are a foreign concept to you, props. And you can close this tab now because you’re too good for this trick.

Before you look at me and cake like that, give us a chance…


When you cut a standard triangle piece of cake and don’t finish the rest, you leave prime moist cake exposed to the elements.

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And then when you come back to enjoy another slice, it’s inevitably drier and sadder. So instead of dealing with sad, dry cake, a bit of fancy cutting ensures all cake is as good as the day it was baked.

The first cut is straight down the middle


And your first slice comes right out of the center


Next, push the two halves together


And secure it with a rubber band to lock all that cake moisture in


Then, when you’re ready for your next piece, turn the cake 90 degrees and cut from the middle again.


This trick has actually been around for years (110 to be exact) and was first “discovered” by a British scientist in 1906, so we could have been enjoying perfect cake for our entire lifetime — if only we read more Nature magazine…

Now cut your cake and eat it too!

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