DoSelect for Developers is here!

Last year, we launched DoSelect publicly as a technology-agnostic, easy-to-use technical assessment platform. Since then, numerous companies have used DoSelect to evaluate and hire great developers for their teams.

Today, we are completing the loop. I am so glad to announce that DoSelect for Developers is now publicly available!

What is DoSelect for Developers, anyways? Glad that you asked! Two major things basically — DoSelect Playground and Developer Profiles. Let’s dive in.

DoSelect Playground

The Playground is where you can find interesting problems on technologies and paradigms that you are interested in — like Python, Golang, APIs, Data Sciences, Machine Learning, etc. You can solve these problems at your own pace, score points that reflect against your DoSelect proficiency scores.

Apart from solving interesting problems on things that you already know, our recommendation engine (internally code named Cerebro, aptly) learns from your activity on DoSelect and outside (like GitHub and StackOverflow) and suggests you more interesting problems. So, if you’ve been solving a lot of Python problems, you will start to see problems on Django as well. Learn, by actually writing some code.

Developer Profiles

The profiles are where you can show your skills — backed by actual, empirical data. Your developer profile has two important parts — Technology proficiency and activity.

When you connect your Github and StackOverflow accounts with DoSelect, we get your public activity data from both these sources, crunch it and show meaningful, actionable information about you in terms of what you are good at and what you’ve been active at.

Are you a developer looking to level up? Get started with DoSelect today!

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