The New ABC of Sales: Always Be Chatting

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7 min readNov 17, 2016


Arabella Moretti (Arby to her friends) is finally on her flight home to San Francisco after being stuck in Munich Airport for hours due to a raging storm. A full week of negotiations with a global brand based in Munich, and her proposal still needs approval from their SVP. And he’s concerned about Arby’s digital agency being too small to handle their service needs. “How many people do you have in account management, and what percentage work European hours?” was the last question that Phil van Troppe, the SVP, asked Arby. Arby’s agency was small, no doubt, yet their ability to work long and hard for their clients was high. “We need to demonstrate this, decisively,” mused Arby.

Always Be Chatting

As the plane climbs over the storm to 35,000 feet and the clink of champagne flutes fills the first class cabin, Arby settles into her seat and connects to the in-flight Wi-Fi. There is a “water drop” sound on her smartphone, indicating a chat on her agency website, and the person chatting has a question: “If I had an escalation right now, at 3 a.m. your time — how quickly would your agency handle it?”

Arby gets notified on chats from prospects because she has elected to be on the chat list. The old sales adage “ABC: Always Be Closing” should now be “ABC: Always Be Chatting”, as more leads come to a site and use chat as a way to begin the prospect conversation. Arby, having spent her teen years with the latest smartphones her parents could buy, is used to texting, but more importantly, more and more of their clients are, as well.


Arby looks at the chat and thinks “Nobody is online at 3 a.m. in San Francisco; maybe I should respond.” In a split second, an automated response pings out from her agency’s web site — it’s the DossierBot saying “Hi, we’re finding someone to respond! What’s your name?” Whew, at least the visitor wasn’t kept waiting — if responses aren’t delivered in the blink of an eye, web site visitors leave the site, never to return.

The Intelligent DossierBot Syncs with Salesforce

The DossierBot intelligently asks the chatter for his name and email (“in case we get disconnected!” says the DossierBot). A few seconds later, the person chatting has entered his email: The DossierBot instantly connects to the company’s Salesforce CRM, looks up Phil’s email, finds the company he works for, looks for all account managers, checks who’s online to chat, and immediately identifies the chatter. It’s Phil van Troppe, the SVP from Global Brands, and whose approval Arby needs! As Arby is online and is one of the account managers for Global Brands, DossierBot makes her automatically visible to Phil in the chat. She quickly taps out a reply: “Good morning, Phil, this is Arby Moretti, the agency’s account manager for Global Brands. Thank you for contacting us, and I assure you that we’re always available to help our customers.”

In the background, the engines cut back to a smooth purr as the jet steadies at 35,000 ft. Phil taps his response, “I’m impressed. I expected to speak to a chat agent, if I could at all, since it is 3 a.m. your time. Where are you?”

Arby laughs to herself, and taps out “Actually, I’m on the flight to San Francisco. It was great to meet you and the team. I did want to say that there are other people who can help you right now. This chat window shows you who your account team is, and who’s online. And if we’re not, your request immediately gets sent to the relevant person via email and also logged in our task management system as an open task.”

Phil writes back: “This is great service, and I like the responsiveness already. Can you send me the contract right now, so I can review the terms again?”

DossierBot Syncs with Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive

“Of course , Phil, here you go!” And with a click of a button on her phone, Arby connects to her Google Drive storage, attaches the Global Brands contract to the chat, and sends it to Phil. Phil takes a screen shot of the clause he wants to have edited, marks it up, sends it back to Arby in the chat, and ends with “Let’s get this signed.”

While the chat has been happening, every message in the conversation and the file attachments has been getting transferred to an intelligent workspace in the Dossier dashboard named after the account, “Global Brands.” All files sent or received on this chat are also saved in Arby’s Google Drive folder of the same name.


DossierBot Converts Chats to Asana Tasks

Arby converts the chat message to a task and assigns it to their Legal Counsel for review of the contract. The Legal Counsel, she knows, is dealing with many email requests, and so he has instructed her team to put every request from sales into Asana, a popular task management tool. Arby gets a response from Dossier: “Request transferred to project “Deal Desk at Legal” in Asana”. When the Legal Counsel connects to his Asana app, he will see this task in his Asana inbox.

James McCaulay, the Legal Counsel, happens to be traveling himself, and he is in his hotel in London, checking messages in Asana. He sees the Asana task for Global Brands with the contract file attachment. He opens it, accepts the change, and Docusigns it, sending a copy to Global Brands and Arby.


Back in Munich, Phil also Docusigns the contract and sends it back online. Arby taps out a new message to Phil and marks it to be delivered when he’s next online on their web site. Phil goes to Arby’s agency’s web site to learn more about their services. As he scans a page, a friendly message from Arby pings out from the web site as a chat message. “Welcome, Global Brands. We’re so happy to work with you. Arby.”

Phil is pleased. He thinks “I’m going to enjoy working with this agency. They may be small, but they think smart and act fast. Getting work done is what they’re about.”

At 35,000 ft., the Deal Is Closed

As the flight attendant reaches her seat with the champagne bottle, Arby smiles and says “I’m ready for the champagne. I just closed our biggest deal in-flight.”

The flight attendant smiles. The well-dressed man seated next to her says, “Sorry, I couldn’t help overhear…on your phone? How did you do that? Not on email?” Arby pulls out her iPhone and shows him the chat with Phil and points out:

“Dossier — conversations with customers, no matter where I am or my customers are,” Arby laughs. “And that’s my secret weapon.”

The gentleman next to her remarks, “Hey, I’d like to take a look at that app!’ Arby smiles, “Try it for free if you like — that’s what I did,” goes to, and shows him the web site. Arby pops her phone back into her purse, and leans back into her seat. She takes a sip of champagne and settles into the long flight home.

Then she hears the water drop sound again. And she smiles.

How Dossier Chat Works

Customers converse with a business on your web site, on email, or using messaging apps. Adding chat to your web site makes it easy to for them to ask you a question. You can add chat to your site effortlessly in minutes!

Your business is very likely to be one that doesn’t have employees tethered to desks. Employees work at coffee shops while on their phones, or they are in conference rooms away from their desks. Or they are on the go, overseeing warehouse orders, or traveling from Munich on a plane…and a chat comes in and a potential customer wants to talk.

With Dossier, your team can respond to web site chats on your smartphone. Because it has two-way integration with Gmail for Work and Outlook 365, replying to a chat is as simple as replying in email. There’s no need to have a dedicated customer service staff to respond to web site chats. Any employee can respond to incoming chats simply by using their email app — Gmail for Work or Outlook 365.

Dossier also:

  • Identifies the visitor by name and company.
  • Pages the visitor’s salesperson if it’s an important account.
  • Adds the salesperson to the chat instantly so the best person can respond.
  • Lets the salesperson know the customer has returned to the site, where he is on the website, and what he is doing.

Add Dossier Chat to Your Web Site

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