Hatching a business

The past several months we’ve been busy fundraising, doing more market research and getting ready for the summer, to hit the ground running and get dot Learn off the ground!

A successful spring

After a round of fundraising this spring we’ve raised $60k in equity free seed funding from various sources / competitions around MIT and beyond. Some of the awards include Harvard Business School’s “Africa New Venture” Competition and the MIT’s Global Idea’s Challenge.


HBS Africa New Venture Competition[/caption]


With the support we’ve received, we’ve been able to grow our team to 6 people!


They include, from left to right, Sam, Emiliano and Leandro (Software Engineers), Tunde, Nick (Product Management) and Oswald (in Accra) doing market research. You can see the full team bios here.

We entered the accelerator for the summer

I’m happy to announce that we’ve entered MIT’s accelerator program GFSA as part of the class of 2016! We’re now working out of MIT’s campus (the Martin Trust Center) this summer.

Our co-working space

Working hard

We’re now working hard this summer doing market research and building our beta platform to be released later this summer!

20160615_145347 (1)

Ghana this summer

Finally, in August, Nick, Sam and Tunde will be heading to Ghana to launch the product, do some more interviews and run some of the key experiments which we need to run to verify and adjust the model. By the end of the pilots this summer, we should have several thousands of users, an understanding of what it will take to make an Online Education platform succeed in West Africa, and numbers, projects and a roadmap to take it to millions of students over the next 1–2 years.

GFSA Demo day

In September we’ll be presenting our project and our platform at GFSA’s Demo Day, at MIT, in New York and in San Francisco. If you happen to be around, we invite you to come and see our progress by the end of the summer. If not, it will be live streamed as well.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get our venture off the ground, and get one step closer to transforming Online Education around the world.


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