6.82 Warding Changes

With the 6.82 map changes come new ward positions. There’s not too much of significance, but I spent a bit of time exploring the new map. The overarching trend is that the map changes allow for a lot more wards to be placed without being seen.

Tower Wards

It’s a bit easier to get wards behind the offlane tier 1 towers on both sides.

For Dire.
For Radiant. Be careful not to place this ward within tower vision.

There are also new cliffs that provide tremendous vision around the offlane tier 2 towers.

For Dire.
For Radiant.

Roshan Wards

Although these wards apply for any team, some of them are much more useful for the Radiant.

First, some tweaks on the old spots.

Not a big change here. The ward needs to be placed on the foliage.
Not a huge change here either. You can place this ward from inside the Roshan pit.
The right-most ward is incredibly useful for Radiant, as it gives a lot of notice if Dire is approaching from above.

The right-most ward in this last image is extremely strong for Radiant. Not only does it give vision of the entire river area, it also allows you to see any Dire heroes approaching from above. If you can cut the tree on its left, it gives even better vision. Any conventional walking path that Dire would take to Roshan will cross the vision of these three wards.

Here’s the new Roshan ward:

Can be placed from inside the Roshan pit. Also useful for pushing the Dire bottom tier 1.

This ward does not provide vision inside the Roshan pit (there are no ward spots that provide that vision). However, it gives huge vision around the Roshan pit—making it almost impossible to sneak in with a blink dagger. This ward is incredibly powerful for Radiant, but doesn’t need to be placed until Dire has blink daggers.

Less Useful Wards

These wards provide suboptimal vision. However, they’re not so conventional and as such might be dewarded a bit less.

A cute spot, but would be much more useful a bit to the left.
Vision of pathways near the Dire bottom tier 2.
Same idea.
Vision of pathways near Dire bottom tier 1. Inferior to the Roshan ward.

Those are all of the new ward spots and tweaks that I’ve found. If I’ve missed any I’d love to know—leave a comment and I’ll look into updating this mini-guide. Thanks for reading!

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