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DreamLeague Season 11 Major Data Analysis

Vici Gaming is the Champion of DreamLeague Season 11

We are back again, the 7.21c patch was dropped right after the previous article unexpectedly, which makes teams figuring and refining the meta in the tournament. And the 7.21d patch has also arrived, we will also do some comparison on it too.

We have fewer picks, but it is normal for a DPC event, our numbers and the distribution of ban/picks are great.


Games: 101
Total Heroes: 115 (Io is still out)
Picked: 96
Banned: 86
Untouched: 17

It is a very rare case that there is no 100% contested hero in a tournament.

Most Picked Heroes

  • Oracle is the new star of the patch, he has been buffed for so many patches and finally comes to this spot, his long cast range lets him heal his team at the safe position, and he is nerfed immediately in 7.21d.
  • Razor is another hero that beneficial from the Rod of Atos meta. With the massive picks of melee hard carry, he is solid in this meta.
  • With the strong buffs in 7.21, Nyx Assassin is one of the strongest heroes in the pool,
  • As we have said, Disruptor should be back since the laning stage is more relaxed.
  • There are multiple teams tried Leshrac, because of the buff on Diabolic Edict. He does good damage but is still too squishy. And they nerfed his early game in 7.21d, not likely to see him again.

Most Banned Heroes

  • Batrider fits the strong CC meta very well, with the buff on Firefly movement speed.
  • Since Secret MidOne playing Pangolier as mid, he has been one of the best mid in the tournament and has been first picked a lot. But with the consistent nerfs on Lucky Shot and the return of Bloodseeker, he is not continuing to be a first pick mid.
  • Lone Druid is also at a good shape; his unstoppable sieging power makes teams banning him constantly.

Highest Win Rate Heroes (pick ≥ 5)

  • Medusa is back again, only picked occasionally, but works wonders when there is no counter pick. Similar story with Timbersaw.
  • Outworld Devourer is still good, and the high win rate is mostly due to Team Secret keep spamming him.
  • Vengeful Spirit is a direct counter to Enigma, and her aura still fits the early push strategy.
  • Puck is another pick to counter Pangolier; Dream Coil is the only spell that can hold a rolling Pangolier for a long time, teams even picked it as pos 4. But Dream Coil is nerfed in 7.21d; we will see him less in this case.

Lowest Win Rate Heroes (pick ≥ 5)

  • The current meta has no place for long range squishy hitter like Lina.
  • Tiny, Keeper of the Light, Grimstroke, Ember Spirit and Magnus are the victims of the nerfs in 7.21c.
  • Venomancer is somewhat going against the meta, teams are building lots of sustain, like early Mekansm, which can out regen the dot applied by Venomancer. But he has got a decent buff in 7.21d.
  • Shadow Fiend is struggling, normally, he will crush tower with the aura, but his tower damage is unacceptably low.

Highest Pick Rate Increase

  • It is great that Witch Doctor and Lion is back to the meta.

Highest Pick Rate Decrease

  • Every time this list just shows how hard the nerf bat hit.
  • The Night Stalker nerf in 7.21b is confusing, it is unnecessary in my opinion.
  • Crystal Maiden may need even more buff.



Apart from people complaining about the Radiant advantage, pro teams seem to find a way to play around it. In this tournament, Dire side has a higher winning rate, with the buff at 7.21d, I believe Dire will have a stronger advantage in the coming Minor and Major.

Thanks for reading, you can follow me on twitter @draconid.



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