The beginning of dot collective

Back in January of this year, Bachir and I began talking about architectural projects and right away we were immersed in conversations about self build, open source, distributed manufacturing and the likes. There was something so glamorous and flashy about most “new” or “future” architecture and we just could not take it seriously. The more we talked, the more ideas began to formulate around collaborative working, sharing knowledge and resources and most importantly, engaging with real world problems that need solutions now.

The first “real world” problem which we identified was the lack of open collaboration among architects themselves, and other professions of equal importance to the built environment. This can be identified on a global scale, but we were aware of it on a more personal level.

Bachir, Karina and myself have varying skills and interests. And though we enjoy working on small freelance jobs, we wanted a way to collaborate more deeply, sharing our skills, knowledge and resources to accomplish projects beyond our individual capacities.

Thus was born the idea of Dot Collective. A platform and community where we cac work on projects we love, and share our knowledge and resources. Instead of the hierarchical stagnation of the office, we wanted to capture the emergent capacity of a fluid collective. Where each individuals passion and interest moves in unique streams, self organizing and self managing.

For us the idea of a collective of peers, fit well with the image of many dots all interconnected through unique paths, creating flows of information, ideas, and value which are self initiated and distributed. Producing a resilient web of accountability, support and collaboration. Just as in the natural flows of resources through ecosystems.

The product of the parts is greater than their sum total.

We envision a collective network incorporating the immense capacity of passionate people from different fields of expertise, breaking down the typical silos of professions. Unlocking the spark of true innovation which lies between the well trodden paths of modern segregated science, in the systems understanding of complex interdependence. In order to use design as an instrument of innovation, to endow resources with new capacities for creating value.

We are excited about the future of Dot Collective, and believe that we are not alone on this road. Here is a great article and inspiration to us, about collectives vs firms by Xavier Damman.

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