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We’re delighted to announce that Noor Mo’alla will be joining Doteveryone as our new Commercial Director, from 27th August, to lead our work with technology businesses, charities and social enterprises. 🙌

Noor Mo’alla at CogX 2019 with some of her favourite Sustainable Development Goals

Noor will be responsible for leading the team creating our TechTransformed resources, designed to help organisations to be responsible with technology, to reach a wide audience of responsible innovators and technology practitioners. She’ll also work to help cultivate and grow the community so that responsible technology can become the new normal.

Noor joins us from The Cornerstone Partnership, where she is currently consulting. Noor’s background is in working in international development and with social enterprises to develop products and income.

Consequence Scanning in Istanbul

And she’s already starting to get her teeth into the role — since her appointment, as well as speaking on Data and AI for development work at a UNDP Data Innovation Clinic in Istanbul last week, she ran a Consequence Scanning exercise with some of the conference delegates, which she adapted for the development context.

About the new role, Noor says:

“I believe it’s our collective responsibility to ensure that everyone has access to and can benefit from technology. This is the mission that has guided my work in tech for good over the past few years. But in order for technology to be a force for good, it needs to be responsible. I’m excited to work with an ambitious group of people who share this belief and solving challenges around how best to embed responsible tech into practice, within the tech industry, as well as helping to build a responsible tech community internationally!”

And a little bit about herself:

“I listen to a lot of podcasts, and I’m a big fan of The Guilty Feminist Podcast and Exponential View!

Also, when I travel I always create maps with pinpoints of where I want to eat near the sights I want to see (ranked and colour coded by rating) it so that I don’t end up eating in tourist traps (ask to see my Rome map). I call it my data-driven food map.” 🤖🍲📍

We’re really looking forward to Noor joining the team once we’ve returned from our two-week summer office shut down on 27th August and checking out those maps!


Stories from the team at Doteveryone. We're championing responsible technology for a fairer future.


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Fighting for a fairer internet.


Stories from the team at Doteveryone. We're championing responsible technology for a fairer future.

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