Emrah Yuceer
May 10 · 2 min read

10th May 2019

What’s been released:

  • When users check your lists on Dotspot, your pictures now show up first (if you have geotagged a picture in that location).
  • You can now see who is following you.

What we’re working on:

  • Notification panel
    This will help you understand who saves spots from your recommendations, which spots/pictures are the most popular. It will also alert you when people actually go to places from your recommendation. Once we integrate with booking platforms, you’ll also be alerted when people book places from your pictures.
  • Messaging
    This is quite straight-forward, we’ll integrate messaging so that users can ask more detailed questions about locations you’re familiar with. This is the beginning of a more social aspect of Dotspot.
  • Feed
    This will integrate all kinds of things such as pictures, reviews, new locations, top influencers, experiences & workshops, etc. This will help transform Dotspot into a hub where users become aware of what’s happening around them. Users will also be able to change locations in order to discover and plan ahead.
  • Customisation
    We know this is an important point for you and are working on multiple ways to enable customisation. For instance, you’ll be able to customise the cover of your lists, edit your bio, add notes about places, add additional pictures that you don’t necessarily want to post on Instagram.

We prioritise our updates based on what you guys request on Canny so please keep submitting requests so we know what to prioritise: https://dotspot.canny.io/ambassador-requests

Any questions, just ask: hello@dotspot.tech.


Evolving the way the world discovers places. By Creators for Explorers.

Emrah Yuceer

Written by

Co-Founder & CEO at Dotspot



Evolving the way the world discovers places. By Creators for Explorers.

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