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DOTVVM meetup October chapter

The DotVVM meetup sessions are back by popular demand. This is an ideal platform for the DotVVM community, which is so diverse and operates across the globe. These meetings will serve as the ideal platform to connect with DotVVM author and experts in the .NET space. Join us on Oct 24 and meet the key players, explore the coolest technology and projects, get up to date with rising trends and applications, and discover what wonders tomorrow’s developers are working on. This will be the fourth of many meetups, and DotVVM is excited to bring the DotVVM community together to share their experiences and create new ones with people who all feel aligned to who they are and are paving their way on their own unique path. Meeting the right people is crucial, and the DotVVM meetup will ensure that you are in the right place at the right time.

About Speaker

Tomáš Herceg is Founder and CEO of RIGANTI, RIGANTI is based out of the Czech Republic and is focused on custom software development, consulting, and solution architecture services. Tomáš is the creator of DotVVM, an open-source framework that simplifies creating a line of business web applications and makes it easier for any .NET developer. Tomáš was awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional and Microsoft Regional Director for his influence in technical communities, public speaking, and publishing technical articles.

Who should join:

Are you a developer or looking to join the developer community? Are you looking for like-minded, driven web developers to network and learn together? If you like DotVVM or just simply hanging out with interesting people, this is the platform for you. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Please note this meetup is community-driven and Free of cost.

Time and Date: 16:00 UTC, October 24, Saturday.

Virtual Location: TBA


Welcome note

Talk by Tomáš

Q&A session

Open Mic session

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