NFT x calligraphy project “Crypto Souun” launched by calligrapher Takeda Souun

May 26 · 3 min read

First auction of his first NFT works “SCAM, go away!” and “GOX Healing”.

Tokyo, Japan (May 26, 2021)-double (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Hironobu Ueno) is pleased to announce that it will support calligrapher Takeda Souun’s NFT x calligraphy project “Crypto Souun” (https://crypto.

As the first edition of the “Crypto Souun” project, Souun Takeda expressed his message to cryptographers (people who are highly literate in blockchain and crypto-assets) in “calligraphy”. His first NFT works, “SCAM go away!” and “GOX Healing” (1 piece each) will be auctioned on OpenSea from 06 :00(UTC) on Wednesday 2nd June .

■Crypto Souun

Calligrapher Souun Takeda dives into the Crypto World!

The “Crypto Souun” project was born form collaboration of cutting-edge digital technologies(”Blockchain”, “NFT (Non Fungible Token)”, “crypto currency”, “Metaverse”…) and the great calligrapher Souun Takeda.

This project will attempt to open up the possibilities of expression through calligraphy.

■About sales

As the first edition of this project, Souun Takeda will sell his NFT works “SCAM go away!” and “GOX Healing” in the form of an English auction on OpenSea. These works are his first NFT works and limited edition.

■ “Crypto Souun” Special Site

■ Sale NFT

Name:SCAM go away! /GOX Healing
Number to be issued:1 for each
For sale:The ownership of high resolution digital data of this work

■ Sales format

*NFT will be sold in the form of an English auction.

Auction Start Time: June 2th, 2021, 06:00 (UTC)
Auction End Time: June 4th, 2021, 14:00 (UTC)

Copyright Souun Office
Produced by double

*1 NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are non-substitutable tokens that can create the value of unique “one-of-a-kind data”. These are issued on blockchain(ex.Etherium), but these are not cryptocurrencies.
By utilizing blockchain technology, digital data that proves authenticity can be created.The owner of the data can conduct freely.

■ Souun Takeda Profile

Souun is a Japanese calligrapher, born in 1975 in Kumamoto prefecture.

He was first exposed to calligraphy at the age of three by his mother, Souyou Takeda, a professional calligrapher in her own right.

After graduating from Tokyo University of Science, he worked for NTT. Three years after leaving this job, he became an independent calligrapher.

Souun has collaborated with different artists across a variety of fields, and his work has appeared in numerous exhibitions around the world. His technical skill, his ability to give physical life to invisible meaning, and his high energy and unique vision, have made him a highly sought after artist. He regularly receives commissions from companies as diverse as Nissan, Toshiba, Sony, Vogue Magazine, The World Cultural Heritage Organization, and The Japan Expo. His calligraphy can be found all over Japan, including on Airport gates, on the wall of the Tokyo Metropolitan Station, TV shows, magazines, theaters, book covers, and even Kei, the supercomputer that became the world’s fastest in 2011.

He was hired by the Japanese government as a cultural envoy to promote Japanese culture, and has been invited to perform and give lectures throughout the world, including in Moscow, Russia and Geneva, Switzerland.

In addition to his art he has authored more than 50 books.

■About double Inc

double was established in April 2018 as a specialised development company of blockchain games. double is led by a team of experts in the development and operation of numerous games including: mobile social games, PC online games and home games. The team also maintains experience in finance, as well as blockchain technology and crypto assets.

The double team are responsible for the creation of the world renowned blockchain games MyCryptoHeroes and Brave Frontier Heroes.

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double jump.tokyo株式会社のブログです。価値のあり方を変える”ブロックチェーン技術”を用いてゲームの未来をリビルドしたい。RE-BUILDING THE FUTURE OF GAMING WITH BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY!