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double, Inc., Launches 3rd Tezuka Productions’ NFT Project With Its NFTPLUS Solution

Following the Unprecedented Success of “Astro Boy” NFT Sale the Next Collectible Sales are Based on “Phoenix” and “Black Jack ”

January 18, 2022. Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo: double, Inc., an NFT technology solution provider, is pleased to announce that its NFTPLUS solution will be launching its next NFT project with Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd., “From the Fragments of Tezuka Osamu” ( The upcoming Osamu Tezuka NFT collectible sales are based on “Phoenix” and “Black Jack.” and will be on sale from January 23, 2022 (U.S. Pacific Time).

Previously, Tezuka Productions Co., Ltd., “Astro Boy” NFT Collection of generative art sold out in record time and the mosaic art piece was auctioned off for close to $500,000 USD (120 ETH). 120 ETH was the highest bid price ever for one Japanese art NFT.

“Cooperating with Tezuka Productions on these NFT ventures has been an honor,” stated Hironobu Ueno, CEO of double “The unprecedented success we have achieved together validates not only double’s NFT technology as a solution from issuance to sale and management thereafter, but it highlights the consumer demand for NFT ownership and solidifies NFTPLUS as the go-to solution for other large scale enterprises as they incorporate NFT and blockchain technologies into their company strategy.”

The Generative Art NFT is a randomly created NFT based on the artwork images used in Mosaic Art NFT. There will be 1,000 Generative Art NFTs available for Phoenix and 1,000 Generative Art NFTs available for “Black Jack”. Each of these will be sold at 0.08 ETH.

The Generative Art NFT“Phoenix”
The Generative Art NFT“Black Jack”

The Mosaic Art NFT will consist of one item each for “Phoenix” and “Black Jack” with a starting bid of 10ETH. Each Mosaic Art NFT is a combination of the Generative Art NFTs integrated into one powerful picture consisting of a background and the character.

As with the previous two successful sales, Tezuka Productions will donate 10% of the net sales to UNICEF and another 10% to help children around the world who are suffering as a result of the coronavirus and the pandemic’s economic and social effects. Further, there are no plans for future NFT series at this time.

About From the Fragments of Tezuka Osamu

Tezuka Osamu was a pioneer who established the base of manga now known as one of the most influential pop cultures. So far manga has contributed to the development of cultures all over the world and infiltrated into a wide range of industries as well. In 1946, Tezuka made a debut as a manga artist and established the realm of so-called Story Manga in postwar Japan. Throughout his career, he drew 150,000 sheets of manuscripts for 700 manga titles. His works are still appealing to present-day Manga fans. “From the Fragments of Tezuka Osamu”, is a digital NFT art project based on numerous manga manuscripts by Tezuka Osamu.

About double, Inc.

Founded in 2018, double is the leading startup in Japan that specializes in NFT solutions and developing blockchain games, such as “My Crypto Heroes” and “Brave Frontier Heroes.” The company is a technology solution provider which partners with large-scale enterprises to help them successfully incorporate blockchain technologies into their games and company strategy. double has partnered with some of the largest gaming companies including Square Enix, Bandai Namco, and Sega, as well as LINE and BitFlyer. The company’s goal is to facilitate the mainstream adoption of NFTs and blockchain technologies across the global gaming and entertainment industries while helping creators build the metaverse by providing the necessary technology and tools.

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