4 types of evergreen content to boost your SEO

Your guide to long-lasting content

Katie Burton
Jun 28 · 3 min read

1. How-to content

When people turn to Google to learn something, they often start their search with “how to…”. Use this to your advantage by creating valuable how-to content for readers. Do you own a bakery? Write an article about how to decorate a birthday cake. Do you work in personal finance? Write an article detailing the best steps for saving for retirement.

2. Product reviews

We all love to read reviews before we purchase any product. You can gain readers from this fact. Interested in social media? Review metrics platforms that you have used in your business-share the platforms, cost, pros and cons, and any insider tips.

3. Videos

While not all videos are evergreen (we are looking at you news clips), videos are especially effective for SEO when you need to illustrate how to do something. Remember the article about decorating a birthday cake? Take a video to show your readers an example. If creating videos isn’t possible, consider using a series of images (photos or illustrations, diagrams, gifs, etc.) to your advantage.

4. Lists/Tips

Provide tips in your respective industry that showcase your knowledge and experience. Posts like these typically focus on presenting a lot of information in one place with the hopes that if your readers leave with at least one takeaway. To give you an example, we shared the following posts:

Pro tip: Quora is a great place to see what questions your audience is asking.

Now it’s time to create evergreen content for your business. What topics will you tackle? Drop links to your articles below.

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The latest insights and musings from the DoubleShot Creative team.