Our Team’s Top Goals for 2020

Our team is putting our goals to paper and sharing what is inspiring us in the new year

DoubleShot Creative
Feb 18 · 5 min read

“The people who get things done, who lead, who grow and who make an impact… those people have goals.” — Seth Godin

At DoubleShot Creative, we’re constantly pushing creative boundaries and working to expand our individual skills. Once a month our team has a “Freaky Friday” where we spend time letting our minds wander down creative paths and grow our individual skills. Our team members have visited art galleries to spark new ideas, completed classes on Lynda, and so much more.

This year, we’re putting our creative focuses on paper and setting goals. Keep reading to see what inspires us and what our team is focusing on in the new year.

Patty Tulloch
DSC founder, creative director

Our fearless founder and creative director, Patty Tulloch, knows the impact a brand can make with powerful storytelling. In addition to infusing more human elements in B2B projects, Patty wants to explore ways to include 3D design trends like mixed media, 3D illustrations, and multi-sensory design into projects this year.

When she’s not working on pushing the design boundaries, you’ll find her kayaking more because that’s her personal goal for the year. 🚣‍♀️

Meghan Cordella
Creative director

As a computer guru with killer taste, Meghan applies her personal blend of style and savvy to creative concepts and marketing strategies for our clients. She’s also constantly looking for ways to infuse more eye-catching designs into DoubleShot Creative and client marketing assets. In 2020, Meghan’s goal is to expand her design skills and learn how to create logo animations. Stay tuned for an animated version of our logo this year!

In addition to making our logo move, Meghan is committed to getting outside and being active more during the work week. 🍃

Kathy Hutton
VP of production

Kathy is committed to helping the planet more than ever in the new decade. To bring her passion to DoubleShot’s work and our clients, she is committed to develop an action plan for our company to ensure all creative concepts, project ideas, and proposals include a sustainability element.

In addition to her volunteer work around climate action, she is also going to edit and publish a children’s book, “Benny the Bear”, her great grandfather wrote. 🐻

Katie Burton
Digital marketing strategist

A digital marketing strategist with a big picture lens, Katie uses blogging and social media pieces to complete clients’ marketing puzzles and deliver measurable results. In 2020, her goal is to expand her storytelling skills by perfecting her audio editing skills and producing at least one podcast episode for DoubleShot Creative. Stay tuned!

In her personal life, Katie is going (finally!) finish a book for her book club and run her second half marathon in the new year. 🏃‍♀️

Noëlla Bible
Art director

Noëlla brings her creative spark to every project she works on. In addition to designing everything from logos to custom graphics to complex presentations, she also has experience in large-scale events and video production. In 2020, she’s aiming to discover and use phone video apps to expand her video production skills.

She’s also going to read two biographies in the new year. Any book recommendations for Noëlla? 📚

Allee Gette
Digital marketing specialist

Allee brings powerful strategy to our clients’ online presence as one of our team’s digital marketing specialists. In addition to social media strategy, Allee is setting her sights on expanding her skills and learning how to edit videos and weave in animations.

Maybe she can use her video editing skills to share her experience at her first Spartan Race in 2020. She’ll be training and signing up for her second race by the end of the year, too. We’ll be cheering you on, Allee! 📣

Erica Moy
Digital marketing specialist

As one of our resident digital marketing gurus, Erica is a wizard when it comes to writing engaging social media posts and blogs. In 2020, she’s going to take her skills to a new level in Photoshop and create custom social media and blog graphics.

Erica is also aiming to open her home to a foster dog in 2020. Truth be told, we’re hoping you “foster fail” and end up keeping the dog, Erica! 🐶

Speaking of dogs, what would a DoubleShot team update be without our pets? We’ll let them speak for themselves…

We’ll be sharing our progress on these goals (and Erica’s puppy pictures!) over on our Instagram account. Don’t miss out!

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