Trendsetting: Bringing Megatrends to the Masses

Katie Burton
Aug 26, 2016 · 4 min read

A picture’s worth…

Our first task was helping the client synthesize their findings into a concise, easy to grasp story arc that a broad audience would find both informative and engaging.

Give it a stage…

Next step was to spice up the visual storytelling with additional motion graphics elements as we readied the content for executive keynote presentations at large conferences around the globe.

46% of respondents admit they’ve been distracted during a presentation (Source: Prezi)

Capturing and keeping your audience’s attention is vital to making sure your presentation message resonates. So for our Megatrends-centric presentation we added some attention-getting motion graphic animations to help demonstrate the massive amount of change occurring in the world and what our journey into the future would look like.

Make it move…

We wanted to bring the Megatrends story to life and have a compelling piece we could use across social and marketing channels to pique audience interest.

65% of those who view a video click through to visit the vendor website, 50% look for more information. (Source: Forbes)

When it came to telling the Megatrends story, video was a natural fit. Using a combination of motion graphics, custom voiceover, music and video footage, this is the first in a video series that paints a vision for where the world is heading and how businesses, educational institutions and entrepreneurs can use these trends for future technology and business planning.

Let’s get physical…

Don’t discount the significance of a print piece and the impact it can make on your audience. Creating a tangible piece is an effective way to establish your brand and extend the life of your message.

Hey, let’s talk…

Rich content like the Megatrends research should be a conversation starter and enable executives to share and compare notes on their unique point of view with others.

Visual content is 40x more likely to get shared on social networks (Source: Buffer)

We were able to repurpose the content of our campaign to create rich media posts offering valuable and interesting content on social media. Using short clips from the video, slides from the presentation, visuals from the article and new graphics that highlighted findings, we engaged with audiences across brand and executive social channels.

Parting thoughts…

The Megatrends campaign was a fun one for our team because it allowed us to flex our content and creative muscles across mediums and marketing channels. Starting with crafting a strong and compelling story arc made it easy to find interesting ways to reimagine the messages, bring them to life and give them legs. Any great integrated campaign should have that common thread that keeps audiences engaged and reinforces your message at every touch point.

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The latest insights and musings from the DoubleShot Creative team.