Flower Bulbs: Plant Lists And Notes

Doug Green
Oct 19 · 2 min read
Tulips (Image the author Doug Green)

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Indoor Bulbs

How to get Amaryllis bulbs to flower from year to year.
Caladiums are a wonderful plant with incredible foliage but you do have to know how to overwinter them properly. Here’s how.

Grow Bulbs In Containers

How to grow bulbs in containers — indoors or out.
Questions and Answers about potted tulips. Here’s what you really need to know (and why you’re not going to be happy with some of my “can’t do it” answers. Sigh…

Gardening Tips

Here’s how to plant spring-blooming bulbs in the fall. Follow these tips and you won’t have any trouble succeeding.

If you want to move flower bulbs, you want to read this article.


Tulips are an easy-to-grow bulb for the first year or so but after that, they require a very specific growing regime.
Bottom line: never water them. If you do, they’ll stop blooming. And once they stop blooming, you might as well dig them up and toss them. They only last 3–5 years with the best of care.
Three rules you need to understand for great tulip care. Seriously, this is an easy bulb if you keep it bone dry and forget about it when it stops blooming. Read more here.
One of the major pests of tulips (and other flowers) is the ubiquitous squirrel. Here’s the final word you’ll need to know to protect your bulbs and gardens from squirrels


Are the original plant-em and forget-em kind of bulb. They’re normally good for many years unless they get too crowded (this is only one reason they stop blooming) Why don’t my daffodil buds open?

Summer Blooming Bulbs

Acidanthera or Abyssinian Gladiolus is an easily grown bulb but you do have to dig it up over the winter in USDA 5 and northwards. (Very tender) Read about Acidanthera here.
Achimenes is a relative to the African violet and a delightful summer blooming bulb. Read how to succeed with Achimenes here.
Gladiolus is one of the most popular summer-blooming bulbs and there are a few tips to growing them. Here are nine of the best tips I know to grow them well.
Lilies: How to clean up the pollen from these lilies. Here are three systems that should remove lily pollen from clothes or furniture.


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Doug Greens Garden

A practical organic gardening resource helping you have a better garden

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