How You Can Easily Attract Good Insects To Your Garden

Here’s a research study with an interesting organic approach you can do in your own garden

Doug Green
Jan 4 · 2 min read

One of the interesting things that scientists are looking at right now are ways to attract predator insects to the garden. Instead of designing more insecticides to kill off pests, the aim is to attract predators to do the job for us.

So here’s the deal. Get some oil of wintergreen. Seriously.

Photo by Dustin Humes on Unsplash

A research study done by Dr. David James at Washington State University showed that fragrant wintergreen oil, when sprayed on gardens, attracted natural predators such as green lacewings, minute pirate bugs (Orius spp.), spider mite-eating lady beetles (Stethorus spp.), and aphid-eating syrphid flies.

How cool is that!?

This was done on the farm-field level and organic companies such as Rincon-Vintova are now producing commercial products based on this kind of research.

It’s something you might want to experiment with in your own garden. Given it’s organic and you’re *not* spraying it on leaves but around the edges of the garden, it’s likely worth a test.

I suspect this might be very useful in the urban garden where there are smaller populations of beneficial insects. In other words, here’s how to attract them to your garden instead of them going somewhere else.

I’d be careful about it hitting leaves though as it might burn.

Check out the options here (Amazon affiliate link)

Doug is a full time writer living on an island in the Kingston, Ontario, Canada region of the 1000 Islands in the summer and who-knows-where-you’ll-find-him-in-the-winter.

Doug Greens Garden

A practical organic gardening resource helping you have a better garden

Doug Green

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Doug Greens Garden

A practical organic gardening resource helping you have a better garden

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