Plant These Annual Garden Flowers To Feed The Bees

Bees are under environmental attack and here’s one small thing you can do to help

Doug Green
Nov 25 · 1 min read
Photo by Dixit Motiwala on Unsplash

If you’ve been paying attention to environmental news, you know bees are being attacked by a small mite or by environmentally damaging chemical sprays.

If you want to do your small bit to help keep bees around and healthy, you can grow these flowers (without chemicals please.)

Plant These Annual Flowers In Your Garden

  • Ageratum/Ageratum houstonianum
  • Anise-scented sage/Salvia guaranitica
  • Aster/Callistephus chinensis
  • Black-eyed susan or gloriosa daisy/Rudbeckia hirta
  • Blue salvia (mealycup sage)/Salvia farinacea
  • Borage or starflower/Borago officinalis
  • Calendula/Calendula officinalis
  • Clary sage/Salvia sclarea (biennial)
  • Common lantana/Lantana camara
  • Common sunflower/Helianthus annuus
  • Cornflower/Centaurea cyanus
  • Cosmos/Cosmos bipinnatus
  • Dahlia (open types)/Dahlia
  • Garden heliotrope/Heliotrope arborescens
  • Mignonette/Resedaodorata
  • Pentas/Pentas
  • Pineapple sage/Salvia elegans
  • Popcorn plant/Cassia didymobotrya
  • Snapdragon/Antirrhinum majus
  • Spider flower/Cleome spp.
  • Sweet William (biennial in southern parts of north central region) Dianthus barbatus
  • Sweet alyssum/Lobularia maritima
  • Tithonia/Tithonia rotundifolia
  • Vervain/Verbena bonariensis
  • Zinnia/Zinnia elegans

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Doug Greens Garden

A practical organic gardening resource helping you have a better garden

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Doug Greens Garden

A practical organic gardening resource helping you have a better garden

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