A Day to Relax and Color

Need an excuse?

If you need a nudge or just a little bit of extra permission, look no farther! You are hereby given a free ticket to a great day full of color, creativity, and relaxation: National Coloring Book Day! Stop by our web site throughout the day for news about fun giveaways and other exciting events planned for the big day. No matter how you plan on getting involved, you can download free coloring pages.

Coloring is wonderful because it’s so good for you. So if you have a hard time giving yourself the O.K. to do something fun, know that you are doing yourself a world of good by sitting down with a coloring page or a book and an assortment of colored pencils. According to a story from CNN, “Coloring has therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety, create focus or bring about more mindfulness.”

So coloring is just like meditation but maybe easier. We sometimes worry that we’re not doing it right when it comes to meditation because — at least for beginners — there’s no “ah-ha” moment of enlightenment. But with coloring, you can see the results right in front of you. And your brain slips into that great state where you are not distracted by the cares of the world: instant Happy Place!

If you’re not the solitary kind, look for an event near you. Many are at public libraries and are even monthly events. You could also host your own. Imagine having a potluck coloring evening at home with friends or family. You could even make coloring a Family Night activity as a change of pace from games or movies

If you are on your own or in a group, just remember: Dover has your back. After all, Dover’s been at this for some time, publishing the first coloring books for adults in 1970 — so don’t let anyone tell you that adult coloring is a thing that started a couple of years ago. Nope. It was Dover. And the first book was Antique Automobiles. More books followed thick and fast, and many of the originals are still in print!

So for 2018, visit Dover to grab a book, or register and then download one of Dover’s free coloring pages! You’ll be glad you took a little time for yourself.

Color on!