Brilliant Origami

New origami books from Dover for creative hands

Perfect Pets Origami

The art of paper folding is limitless. Young children can easily learn how to make a simple shape with a colorful square. After learning the basics of this ancient technique, it’s possible to progress to even more complex and wonderful shapes.

Dover is fortunate to publish a complete line of books by artist John Montroll. John began his origami career at the age of six and has been writing and creating books on origami for over thirty years. His Dover books range from instructions suitable for other six-year-olds as well as for those ready to tackle a bigger challenge. These are also exceptional books for home school families or for anyone who wants to experience a unique and tactile application of mathematics. Imagine how cool it would be to create ever more complex shapes! After all, how many people can boast of knowing what a cubehemioctahedron even is, let alone that they know who to make one? With John’s book, you can do that.

The latest offering from John is Perfect Pets Origami. They’re perfect not only because you can make them yourself, but because they don’t require any special care and feeding. Instructions for over 30 different domestic animals are included in this volume.

Easy Bird Origami

If you’ve ever wanted to be surrounded by a flock of birds, then you should look at Easy Bird Origami by Tammy Yee. These pre-printed origami pages require plenty of folding to yield a group of 30 birds. There’s even a link to a YouTube video so that you can get some help with your creation. After you’ve finished, you could hang your birds from a mobile or arrange them for display.

My Origami Garden Kit

Dover is also excited about a new origami kit series! Is there anything more fun that getting an inclusive kit? Honestly, having a box or a book with everything inside is so great. You can sit down at the table immediately and get to work creating great stuff that is also fun to play with!

My Origami Garden Kit includes instructions, paper — and stickers! Yes, you can dress up your flower and animal creations with colorful stickers as well as make fun flowers and insects.

My Origami Ocean Kit

My Origami Ocean Kit , another one of the new offerings, also doubles as a playset for imaginative kids. The full-color book has instructions for making 10 sea creatures, and contains a poster of marine scenery. The preprinted origami papers include finger puppets, so you’ve got all the makings for a puppet show or play staring the denizens of the deep!