Celebrate National Pet Week, May 7–13.

National Pet Week winning poster, by Jade Tamashiro

Q: What’s the best pet in the world?

A: Yours in the best pet in the world!

Do you have a dog? A cat? A rabbit? A gecko? The list of pets goes on forever. And we love them. We tend to their needs, both physical and emotional, and do the best we can to take care of them. To help you get a better idea of how to love and support your furry friend (or maybe your friend has scales or an exoskeleton), please visit National Pet Week, a project of the American Veterinary Association. There’s all kinds of good information about living with your pet, who is one of over 2 million in the United States!

You can also have lots of fun during National Pet Week with books and activities from Dover.

I Love Pets Fun Kit

The I Love Pets Fun Kit comes in a nifty fun-filled box of stickers, stencils, coloring books, and a drawing book. This great little instruction book helps beginners by starting with basic shapes like circles and ovals and then shows them how to add on ears, claws, and tails. This book is wonderful for kids because they will have immediate success in creating realistic animals.

Full-Color Pets Illustrations

If you’d prefer your pets in a more vintage vibe, Dover has a great CD-Rom that includes 294 images. The collection includes pet pictures like kittens in bows or big dogs taking naps with adorable children. These adorable old illustrations would be great additions for a pet scrap book, which would be a wonderful family project. When you get your next puppy or kitten, be sure to take lots of pictures so that you can compare and marvel as they years go on and the little mop of fur turns into a 90-pound beast that requires large bags of kibble! The Old Fashioned Dogs stickers would also be a great addition to any scrap-booking.

Some pets are more aspirational. Like a horse, for example. How many horse-crazy girls are out there who think they will die, just die, if they don’t get a horse? It’s pretty hard for most families to scratch that itch for their kids without lots of driving around the countryside and lots of money. So until she gets a job and can start saving for the horse of her dreams, you can count on Dover to supply the dreaming material. Horse stickers, horse stencils, horse novels, horse tattoos, horse coloring books, and maybe the most achingly beautiful short story ever about a horse, “The Summer of the White Horse” by William Saroyan in My Name is Aram.

Our animals really do make us human. They are a mirror, reflecting back all of our best qualities. They inspire us to love them and keep them in our homes and in our lives, and make every day a little bit richer for their presence.

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