Crates, paints, saws, and nails

Crafting With Wooden Crates & Pallets

Crates, paints, saws, and nails

Craft your own perfect storage!

Fall is almost here, so it’s time to start thinking about the inside of the house again. What better way to embrace the season than with some practical crafting?

Crafting expert Natalie Wright has created another original book for Dover! With this new volume, Crafting with Wooden Crates and Pallets: 25 Simple Projects to Style Your Home, you can learn how to create your own unique and beautiful storage systems.

Hanging crate wall storage

Natalie’s projects are no mere flimsy riggings, attached with hope and duct tape: she embraces the electric drill. It’s even in her introduction, where she thanks her parents and especially her dad who taught her to make things herself, in addition to passing along a love of power tools. By the time you are done with your first project from Natalie, you’ll love power tools too — and might even be in the market for a good jig saw!

The 25 projects in this book start with your basic crate, cut and assembled from pine board. The step-by-step instructions for that first project include a detailed list of all tools and supplies needed as well as the how-to for a super-sharp and bold design on the front of the crate. It’s easier than you think: with acrylic paint and painters tape, you can make crisp lines in your favorite colors.

Hanging crate shelves

Materials are inexpensive balsa wood and whitewood (lumber from an unspecified pine or fir tree). Pine wood also smells great when you’re working with it: nothing like the aroma of fresh-cut lumber to enhance the DIY process!

Another great thing about these projects is the flexibility: you can make crates to fit the space you have, rather than making do with something that doesn’t quite work. And as you progress through the projects, you’ll even find furniture instructions. Yes, you can make a desk with enough cubby holes and shelves to finally get all your stuff organized. With a desk, you’ve official crossed over into new territory of awesomeness! And if you’re a dedicated crafter, imagine how cool it will be to make your own display storage for your own creations, or the ones you make with your family!

Natalie Wright is the author of three other books from Dover: Slime 101, Make in a Day: Modern Frames, and Make in a Day: Garlands. You can find her on her website, on Pinterest, Instagram, her website, and @Natalme on Twitter.