Darling dumpling pups!

Crochet your own pack of cute dogs!

Dumpling Pups

Do you like dogs? Do you like cute? Do you like amigurumi? Do you like crafts?

Good for you! You can make all of those crafting cutie-pants dreams come true with Dumpling Pups by Sarah Sloyer, the latest crochet book from Dover. Sarah is also the creator of the equally cute Dumpling Cats. A fan of the kitty-cat book said, “Love these pudgy guys and their supplies but don’t forget their buddies the dogs!” No one forgot the dogs, trust us!

This totes adorbs collection of 20 puppy patterns contains projects suitable for beginners as well as more experienced crochet-makers. Favorite breeds like corgis and dachshunds (and a funny round pug!) are featured in this book, along with stories and detailed patterns. There’s also dog-essentials: two food bowls and a dog bed. And some of the patterns are designed with costumes. Just because your own dog hates dress-up doesn’t mean you can’t indulge.

You can take a look at the patterns in action, so to speak, over at Dover’s YouTube channel. Play the short video to watch the nifty animation and get some idea of what your new pup playmates look like from front to back.

If you want to learn more about the designer, Sarah Sloyer, you can find her over on everyone’s favorite free knit and crochet web group, Ravelry. Sarah’s handle is Critterbeans and she has posted photos of many finished projects from various books. Sarah has a total of three books with Dover.

It’s never too soon to think about Christmas, and perhaps you’ve got someone on your list who would love a pack of cute round pooches for a holiday gift. Can you imagine how happy your favorite boy or girl would be when presented with a basket of their favorite dogs in miniature? Making your own playset as a truly unique present solves lots of problems — including how to cure your own creative itch.

Dumpling Pups is available now from Dover, and will be available soon from your favorite retailer.