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Winter Scenes coloring book by Marty Noble

Holidays are wonderful because life is different. The routine is put to the side and people come together to share fun and make memories. And it takes a lot of doing — long before the Halloween candy is eaten up, everyone starts getting ready for visits, shopping, and eating. There’s plenty of cool things to buy at Dover so that you can get started too, all in the Holiday Shop.

Glitter Hanukkah Stickers

The two major December holidays here in the US, Christmas and Chanukah, place major emphasis on the power of light: the miracle of the Christmas star and the miracle of the oil that lasted for seven days.

Dover has a range of items for Chanukah that are both fun and educational. Chanukah starts on December 12. There’s coloring books and even Jewish Holiday origami.

Christmas Designs 3-D Coloring Book

There’s some special Christmas fun this year: 3-D coloring books come with their own 3-D glasses. Color the pictures the right way, and they’ll pop off the page! And of course Dover has a wonderful collection of old-time reprints and illustrations, the better to capture our memories and dreams of Christmas past.

Winter fun kit

We associate snow with Christmas despite the holiday’s beginnings in a semi-arid environment. Eventually, December 25 was nailed down as THE DAY , and then western and northern Europe were Christianized. And in that part of the world, It’s true that the weather outside is frightful on December 25th. But you can say “let it snow!” even if you live in Florida and experience the beauty of snowflakes, those amazing dihedrals that never fail to fascinate. Is it true that no two are alike?

Dickens’ Christmas Spirits

The stories around the holidays never get old, although they were new once. Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, with its contrasts between plenty and want, was published in 1843, right around the time Great Britain experienced a surge in celebrating the holiday with Christmas trees due to the popularity of the young Queen Victoria and her German consort, Prince Albert.

Whatever you celebrate, there’s no time like the present (present, get it?) to start picking out great things to make your season bright.