Grumpy Cat hates coloring. Of course he does.

Grumpy Cat is Grumpy

Don’t worry: the real Grumpy Cat is fine. Some unique physical characteristics make him look like that, but his days are spent being a normal kitty cat, doing normal kitty cat stuff according to his owners.

Wouldn’t know it to look at him, though.

Why do we love Grumpy Cat so much? Is it because he seems to be expressing what we’re all thinking?

Who among us hasn’t cheered when someone who so richly deserves it gets that cream pie in theface? That’s where Grumpy Cat is coming from when he makes a one-word comment like “NO,” or “FAIL.” Heck, Grumpy Cat will see that pie and raise you two more.

Paper dolls and stickers

Here it is, almost Halloween and you can go to any pet supply department and get cute costumes for your dog. But cats shun clothing. It’s hard enough to keep their collars and tags around their necks let alone put dresses on them or socks.

That’s why Grumpy Cat Paper Dolls are so satisfying! Put a crazy horned helmet on Mr. Grumpy! A bow tie! A mustache! Oh sure, he won’t like it one bit — but will he run under the bed? No he will not. He’ll just glower at you as you gussy him up in all of these fancy items.

Get in touch with your inner grumpy

Grumpy Cat is generous, although he’d never admit it. He shares the …er … love in a doodle book, All About Miserable Me, which has more grumpy drawing prompts than you thought could possibly exist in the world.

We humans project our emotions onto animals. We don’t really know what cats are thinking — or whatever it is they do. Grumpy Cat gives our grumpiness a much-needed spokes-cat. And for that, we thank him.

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