Happiness blooms at Dover

Introducing Ixia Press

Ixia Press

You look to Dover books for DIY, classic literature, and amazing coloring. Now you can look to Dover for books on wellness, spirituality, leadership, and business with the new line, Ixia Press.

The name comes from a South African flower that represents happiness. The ixia petals are multicolored and the bulb or corm is shaped like a chocolate kiss. It’s a beautiful name for a new line of books that focuses on inner beauty of all kinds. Plans for the new imprint at Dover call for approximately 10 original titles a year along with selected reprints of volumes that deserve some attention.

A Burst of Light

Two of the first volumes are available: A Burst of Light and Other Essays by Audre Lorde and the original self-help book, Your Forces and How to Use Them by Christian Larson.

Lorde was a powerful intellectual of the twentieth century, and someone lost to us too soon. Dover is proud to offer this reprint of essays that offers advice on how to engage in a world that seems to despise everything Lorde was; Black, feminist, a poet, a person with cancer, a lesbian.

Dover’s edition of Your Forces and How to Use Them by Christian Larson was published in 1912. Yes, you read that correctly: the self-help book was created over 100 years ago and Larson’s volume is one of the grandparents of the tradition. Larson’s works inspired Optimists International, a club that keeps growing and adding new members.

The next books planned for release are What If It Does Work Out? How a Side Hustle Can Change Your Life by Susie Moore, a business and life coach, and A Year in Hot Yoga: Daily Meditations for On and Off the Mat by Scott Ginsberg, a community leader at Yoga Tribe Brooklyn.

Susie Moore is a nationally recognized life coach and an expert on falling in love with your own life and potential. Scott Ginsburg is a writer, TED presenter, and community leader at Yoga Tribe Brooklyn. His book offers multiple insights and medications to assist you in your yoga practice even if you don’t fancy spending time in a super-hot room.

Winter 2018’s lead title, to be published in February, is The Way of Being Lost: A Road Map to Your Truest Self by Victoria Price, daughter of actor Vincent Price, who discusses “the ways our parents can inspire us, as well as the need for us to find our own path beyond their influence.” Victoria made a choice to embrace her father’s many fans in order to engage with his legacy and to determine her own place within it — and then engage with herself. There’s a wonderful symmetry for Dover in offering this original title since we are also the home of the cookbooks written by her parents, Mary and Vincent Price, in the 1960s.

Stay tuned! More titles are on the way for 2018!

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