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Feb 10 · 2 min read

The books in our I Can be series are written in a kid-friendly tone with plenty of hands-on experiments, games, puzzles, and drawing activities.

I Can be a Math Magician

Dive into this action-packed book and learn what it’s like to be a math magician. Baffle your friends with mysterious number squares; measure the height of a tree using only shadows, and solve a mathematical spot-the-difference puzzle! A fun and educational way to learn more about the world of math.

I Can Be an Awesome Inventor

Learn how much fun it can be to invent things with this fun and interactive book. Doodle designs for an egg parachute before testing it out; fix the plans for an over-engineered car by crossing out bits that aren’t needed; and build the world’s greatest marshmallow slingshot! Use these exciting facts and ideas to help model your own inventions.

I Can Be a Rocket Scientist

Find out what it takes to become a rocket scientist! With this out-of-this-world activity book, you can make a scale model of the solar system, build a prototype rocket from a plastic container, and try real astronaut fitness exercises. You’ll discover Earth’s place in space, fun facts about the other planets in our solar system, how gravity works, and lots of other fascinating cosmic information.

I Can Be a Science Detective

Do you have what it takes to become a science sleuth? Of course you do! Discover how to gather clues and collect evidence to catch a thief, follow instructions to extract DNA from strawberries, take your own fingerprints, analyze handwriting, and much more. While you’re having fun inspecting, detecting, and experimenting, you’ll be learning all about the intriguing world of forensic science and its important role in real life.

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