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Make some magic with Dover’s Make in a Day series

If you’re looking for a project that satisfies by being both creative and fast, look no farther than the Make in a Day series, original project books from Dover. All of the volumes in this series are great for beginners and can serve as a starting point for more experienced crafters as well. Consider these books when looking for family craft time projects, or group projects (like wine and paint parties) that you can organize yourself.

Balloon wreath from Modern Wreaths

Try festooning your home (or even your cubical) with wreaths made from more materials than you could ever imagine. Artist and designer Victoria Hudgins offers wonderful creations in her book Make in a Day: Modern Wreaths. Victoria’s wreaths are made from plants, paper, and even balloons. And for Victoria’s balloon wreath, you don’t have to inflate anything. Sounds like a dream come true for people dislike blowing air into things or who dislike balloons. Victoria’s designs are both cute and classy and use materials that are easy to purchase in a craft or hobby shop or even an office supply store or department. The succulent wreath is a real show-stopper.

Pompom Crafts

Victoria is also the author of Make in a Day: Pompom Crafts. Pompoms can be added to just about anything, or they can be the thing itself, like a pompom bunny as featured in the book. One of her first crafts, says Victoria, was a wedding bouquet made out of pompoms! Victoria uses a pompom maker to ease the process. They are inexpensive and since you’ll need to buy yarn anyway, you can pick up a couple of these handy plastic widgets while at the craft store. Any kind of yarn will work. Thick yarn will make large puffy pompoms, yarn that as some glitter or sparkle will make glittery sparkly pompoms. Ordinary pillows can be snazzed up with ease to add an extra touch to home décor or to pillows and throws purchased and then given as gifts.

Flowers are lovely but they also wither sooner than you would like. And they take time to grow. What if you want a centerpiece today that will last beyond tomorrow? Paper flowers are the way to go. Artist Amanda Evanston Freund is the author of Make in a Day: Paper Flowers. Her book includes easy-to-understand directions that are illustrated with instructional photos. Children, with a little supervision, can make beautiful flowers to fill all the unused vases in your house. Amanda also suggest using food coloring. Coloring your own paper eliminate the need for keeping every single color of tissue paper. You can also create unique colors and patterns that more nearly resemble real flowers.

Dover has other Make in a Day titles including Make in a Day: Garlands and Make in a Day: Centerpieces.

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