Musical scores, tablature, books … pretty much everything.

“An autodidact’s dream.”

Here’s high praise indeed from a musician about Dover’s offerings:

Twentieth-Century Piano Classics

As a pianist, I used the music books to help my sight-reading, and developed a taste for the rarities of classical music that Dover exposed me to (surpassing the knowledge of some of my peers in college!) that as a poor kid I would’ve never heard of, much less had in my own library.”

And here’s a story we love:

Dover customer Elizabeth W. in Metairie, Louisiana lost all of her solo piano sheet music, and most of her music books in Hurricane Katrina — and her piano. She was able to replace her instrument two years ago.

“I discovered Dover Publishing! Dover is making it possible for me to have a music library at a very reasonable cost that includes theory, notation, composition and different genres. I shop as often as I can and am just overjoyed by what I receive in the mail. My practice sessions have become very educational with so much material all in one place.”

We are so glad that Elizabeth found us. What a joy to know that we can help heal some of the pain of Hurricane Katrina.

Johann Sebastian Bach Works for Violin

Dover’s also the go-to source for lovers of Johann Sebastian Bach:

Dr. Ronald B. from Omaha says, “I have acquired the best J. S. Bach transcriptions ever from Dover Publishing. I play the violin and viola string instruments and I can count on Dover to have the best of Bach available in clear and neat print. I have also collected early fine music that only Dover Publishing has available. I know that Dover will have the best tablature transcripts for strings and woodwinds. I am very glad I discovered Dover.”

A lover of classical music from Minnesota testifies: “I own upward of one hundred Dover scores and won’t stop collecting them. Music is my life, and I use Dover scores every day!”

FYI, Dover’s titles span genre and taste. That includes rock n’ roll. Journeyman: Eric Clapton — a Photographic Narrative is filled with over 150 photographs by Gene Shaw that document Slowhand’s amazing career. Hail, hail rock n’ roll — and Dover has the paper dolls for that. Cut out Chuck Berry and stand him up on your hi-fi. And as a side-note to music scores, please know that Dover’s street cred doesn’t end in the 1950s. Check out Flappers to Rappers by Tom Dalzell and trace the path of in-crowd language from the Lost Generation to the present generation.

Novelty Masterpieces of the Gershwin Era

One more story:

“I am a member of a local group of ladies called the Blairsville Monday Music Club,” writes Hazel J., “and I will be in charge of our Spring 2017 Soiree, so I’m working ahead on a melodrama set in the 1920s for the ladies to perform, plus music from that time period for the group to sing. Now with these helpful books, the ladies/singers can get a head start in planning their ensemble.”

When period accuracy counts, you can count on Dover!