National Coloring Book Day 2017

It was great! Read all about it!

A big fan getting her coloring on with cookies and Dover! Thank you, Cheryl Taylor Bagenstose!

Sponsored by Dover Publications, the third annual National Coloring Book Day took place on August 2nd and was celebrated with fun events in stores, libraries, coffee shops, and homes all over the world.

Don’t just take our word for it: #NationalColoringBookDay was the #2 trending hashtag on Twitter in the United States and #6 worldwide. There were more than 25,000 tweets about the day, with everyone from home colorists to huge brands taking part.

Officially recognized by the National Day Calendar, National Coloring Book Day is a day to celebrate one of the most creative ways for adults to reduce stress, as well as spend time with friends and meet new ones.

A gathering of colorists (photo credit ColorMiVida).

This year, many of Dover’s most popular artists participated in a fun Virtual Coloring Party on National Coloring Book Day. Prolific best-selling coloring book artists Marty Noble, Marjorie Sarnat, Miryam Adatto and Jessica Mazurkiewicz, along with Veronica Winters — who created the guide How to Color Like an Artist — were online on Facebook to answer questions and chat with fans throughout the event.

Marty Noble took questions from fans, and it was a wonderful opportunity for folks to tell Marty how much they love her work and also to ask for more of their favorites, like the Steampunk and Vampire-themed coloring books. When asked what her favorite thing is to color, Marty said “Everything!”

It was also a great time to ask some practical questions of experienced artists. For example, Francesca asked Myriam Adatto: “I always wonder where to start, with light or dark colors. Myriam, it turns out, starts in the middle: “I start with the medium color, making sure I leave white areas for light. Then, I blend with the light colors. I like contrasts, so the dark is very dark.”

Some folks like to add a little wine to the mix! (photo credit

Sally had a question for Veronica Winters: “ When selecting a coloring book, what should we look for when it comes to the paper it is printed on if using colored pencils?” Veronica said, “ While the paper must be smooth it should have a slight touch of texture (we call it the paper’s tooth) so layering is easy and colored pencils blend on their own.”

Marjorie Sarnat wouldn’t commit when asked about her favorite color (who can blame her?) and is interested in creating a coloring book about bears, teddy or wild.

So if you couldn’t make National Coloring Book Day this year, don’t worry. You can always stage your own day anywhere you want. Libraries and some restaurants have community rooms that don’t cost a thing to use, or invite friends and family over for happy and creative fun. National Coloring Book Day is any day of the week that YOU choose! Color on!

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