Nautilus Award Winners!

Nautilus winners are chosen for exceptional literary contributions to spiritual growth, green values and sustainability, high-level wellness, responsible leadership, and positive social change and social justice. We’re proud to share that two of this year’s selections are published by Ixia Press/Dover Publications!

Taming Your Crocodiles

2018 Nautilus Silver Award for Business & Leadership — Taming Your Crocodiles: Unlearn Fear & Become a True Leader.

What does it take to become a great leader? True leadership means freeing yourself from false, mostly borrowed constraints, charting a purpose-filled path based on values that reflect who you really are, and inspiring others to do the same. Before becoming a coach to CEOs and other leaders worldwide, Hylke Faber had his own transformational journey, stepping back from a high-stress career as a strategy consultant in New York City and almost becoming a monk in order to discover a more holistic approach to life. TAMING YOUR CROCODILES distills his experience into a guide that will help you grow into the leader you really are by transforming your “crocodilian” fear-based conditioning into “owls” — mindsets and behaviors that reflect your true essence.

Bless This House

2018 Nautilus Silver Award for Body, Mind & Spirit Practices — Bless This House: Creating Sacred Space Where You Live, Work & Travel.

With BLESS THIS HOUSE, a comprehensive guide to crafting your own spiritual intentions, rituals, and blessings, urban shaman Mama Donna draws upon a variety of world cultures to show how to transform your environment into a sanctified haven. Spiritual blessings of our surroundings can help enhance our daily lives, from processing emotions and releasing negative energy to setting the stage for our fondest dreams to come true.

Your immediate surroundings are the psychic as well as physical spaces that you occupy in the world — they house not just your body but your energy, your thoughts, your demeanor, your spirit, your deeds, and your legacy. Shouldn’t the energetic atmosphere within your walls support you emotionally and spiritually as well? A personalized blessing ceremony engenders an aura of hope and the possibility of positive new beginnings, creating a safe milieu conducive to regeneration. Times of celebration and transition — receiving dinner guests, hosting a family get-together, traveling to a new locale, moving offices or homes — also deserve to be sanctified.

Everyone at Dover congratulates Hylke Faber and Mama Donna Henes on their well-deserved Nautilus awards!