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Aug 27, 2019 · 2 min read

New from life coach Felicity Morse

Give a F**k

Ixia Press, our self-help imprint, is proud to announce the release of Felicity Morse’s GIVE A F**K: A Brief Inventory of Ways in Which You Can, a work that “cuts through the honey glaze of self-help and hits you right where you need it.” — Holly Bourne, author of How Do You Like Me Now?

In a world that values autonomy, it’s challenging to think that you could arrive at your destination with the help and companionship of other people. The root of this powerful concept is the essential human trait of caring — also known as giving a f**k. In GIVE A F**K: A Brief Inventory of Ways in Which You Can, journalist and life coach Felicity Morse shows how caring can transform lives on both small and large scales.

“When you align yourself with your values, the things you care about, you not only discover more about yourself, you also reclaim your purpose and naturally discover where your true desire lies,” states the author. “Caring involves being interested, being curious, in all aspects of life. It’s about directing your attention, embracing the pleasant and the unpleasant, and considering what it gives you and what you can do.”

Felicity’s funny, wise, and practical advice explains why sensitivity is a superpower. She discusses how to nail self-love, embrace the idea that we are all connected, and cultivate compassion for the wider world. So don’t give up — give a f**k! Learn more about this book and other titles from Ixia Press.


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