You CAN Handle the Truth!

Banish the fear and bring in the love.

Top Ten Lies We Tell Ourselves

There are lies, according to Dr. Dana Marrocco, that really mess with you. Her new book, filled with understanding and humor, The Top Ten Lies We Tell Ourselves and How to STOP Living Them, teaches you how to recognize those falsehoods with warmth and humor.

These lies are the insidious whispering of your ego, the part of your mind where fear lives. And if you are dominated by fear, then you live your life like a clenched fist — always small, always prepared for the worst.

Top Ten Lies, from Dover Publication’s Ixia Press, was inspired by Dr. Dana’s experience with A Course In Miracles, a self-study system to find inner peace through love, forgiveness, and the changing old and destructive patterns of behavior. Like its inspiration, this book guides the reader through lessons on recognizing and then rejecting negative habits of thinking. As you read, you’ll recognize yourself — and find joy as you learn how to banish the lies.

Each lie has its own discussion, exercise, and challenge. The lies also move along a continuum of easy to recognize (or easy-ish) to a bit more challenging. But it’s OK according to Dr. Dana: “You can work with yourself wherever you are. Everyone can find enlightenment. The exercises are for the part of us that believes there’s something to do.”

The first one is Lie #10: Nothing is More Important than Being Right. It’s easy to recognize how crippling this one can be, how much we cling to blame as a way to elevate ourselves while denigrating others. And yet, the conflict is within ourselves. The blame we send out into the world does little to change our circumstances, but a great deal to limit our own lives.

The path to self-healing and acceptance can be a long one. It doesn’t help that we are so hard on ourselves says Dr. Dana, punishing ourselves for our faults and feeling less than worthy. The good news is that we are worthy, that we don’t need to ask forgiveness: we are never separated from the source of our being: “You can’t separate yourself from Spirit, even if you wanted to.”

There’s also no need to punish yourself if you feel you that this enlightenment thing is beyond you because of daily struggles and concerns. “External distractions are endless,” says Dr. Dana, “You must start with holding a peaceful thought in your own mind.Then you can train yourself to do two things at the same time.”

You are surrounded by love, even if you think you are alone. Find that love, your place in the world, and your place within yourself with Dana Marrocco’s The Top Ten Lies We Tell Ourselves and How to STOP Living Them.