You too can Color Like an Artist!

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Color Like an Artist

Do you ever look at the work of artists, compare it to your own coloring, and feel like there’s a disconnect somewhere? How do they get the depth, the richness of color, and the beauty? Now you can find out with Dover’s latest book, How to Color Like an Artist: Colored Pencil Techniques including Blending and Shading by Veronica Winters. This great book provides much-needed instructions to coloring enthusiasts who want to learn how to make their pictures into something special.

We talked to artist, author, and teacher Veronica Winters to learn more about her art and technique, which she very generously shared with us. Veronica also wants people to share with her on Facebook, so feel free to say hello to her and ask questions!

Dover Publications: You have many interesting tutorials on your web site. Could you tell me what inspires you to teach others about art?

Veronica Winters: My artistic journey was long and difficult. Because I’ve spent many years learning the craft, jumping from school to school, class to class, I know how challenging it is to learn the basics systematically, especially when you already have a family and other commitments. My teaching mission is to share my knowledge in a more efficient way that’s easy to understand for aspiring artists. I try to give my students what I didn’t have: I help them believe in themselves and their abilities.

DP: What can people learn from you who might not have time for classes or a background in art?

VW: I also do tutorials for students who don’t work with me in the studio, but wish to work on their own. These tutorials are specific projects that students can go through from start to finish. It gives them a chance to understand my approach to drawing in color, and then to apply it to their art in the future. I do a lot of colored pencil drawing on colored paper, and that seems confusing for people at first. But when they see the steps and the unusual color combinations this method gives, they become more open to trying it out on their own.

DP: What can coloring book users do be more satisfied with their artwork?

VW: Whatever you do as an artist, never give up just because you get frustrated, or people may be negative around you. Seek groups and friends who are supportive of your beginnings, but also consider constructive criticism that helps artists grow. Also, if you want to study drawing, don’t set unrealistic expectations for yourself. It’s impossible to learn it in a week! Date your work to measure your progress. Also, look at the work of other artists for inspiration and techniques. If coloring books are your passion, you can expand on your skill harmonizing the colors, and improving on shading.

DP: How did you come up with the idea of a book to help coloring enthusiasts who would like to improve their technique?

VW: I think this book is a wonderful crossover between the colored pencil techniques used by artists and fun pictures that can be colored at your own pace. Coloring is a great stress reliever, but it also becomes a mindful exercise in creativity. Moreover, the book is appropriate for any age, and I love its clean and uplifting design! While tutorials often have difficult subjects for people to copy, here the artists don’t need to worry about the outlines, just the coloring itself. I think this book makes a great gift for a retired person and a child alike who could accomplish coloring with purpose.

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