Moving beyond influencer databases

There are A LOT of companies doing influencer marketing. One of the most common are agencies with database tools and marketplaces. While these work really well for some use cases, a big drawback is that they are based on how many people you’ve signed up or are in the directory. You often see stuff like this:

Or this:

To find the up and coming or most relevant influencers for your campaigns we are challenging this idea. What if you could search the web for your perfect storyteller? What if you didn’t have to spend hours searching through social feeds?

Dovetale has allowed us to answer some of these questions.

Think of recommendations like Google search for influencers (only it takes a little bit longer 😉). It’s not constrained to a database, but rather the web. While Recommendations is in it’s early phases, today you can do a couple cool things.

Search by similar images

Marketers have told us many times that they like the look and feel of several pictures/ influencers after making a mood board. So we decided to build a way for them to upload images into a contextual search. Dovetale will scan each image looking for objects and the overall look and feel. We’ll then try to match your images with influencers that post similar images!

Search by follower range

Perhaps the most common search criteria that brands and agencies ask us for is influencers with this or that with under a certain amount of followers. Dovetale makes these kinds of searches really easy. Simply tell us what you are looking for and the min and max follower counts you are looking for.


Last is audience. Showing audience data for a specific influencer is often what’s missing from decisions. We added a simple way to see gender, number of bots/ unknown followers, location and age of influencers audiences.

Recommendations is something we’ve been working on for a long time and with technology like this, it’s always improving. If you’d like to try Recommendations or Dovetale’s other tools you can start a free trial today!

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