‘Security’ as the most important factor when choosing the exchanges

Dove Wallet
Sep 8, 2020 · 2 min read

It is found that security is the most critical factor to consider for crypto users in selecting a digital asset exchange or wallet service.

A recent Dove Wallet survey of 4,960 users worldwide, asked ‘what they consider most important when choosing a crypto trading platform,’ 36% of all respondents picked ‘security’ as the uppermost element. Also, 17% chose the platform’s volume & liquidity capacity, while 15% of users cited the ‘fees’ as an essential factor to consider. Besides, the platform’s reputation, list of registered cryptos both got 10%, 7% UI, and 6% KYC/AML implementation.

The Survey results, ‘security’ as a most critical factor in choosing the asset trading platform seems to reflect the prevalent distrust of the exchange platform, after continuing hacking incidents. Also, the increase in asset value & transaction volume appears to have influenced the criteria for selecting exchanges for users.

Although the country by country results revealed very little difference, ‘security’ stands №1; South Korea users chose ‘fees’ as an equally critical factor to consider, both got 24%.


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