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Introducing: Operation Blood Moon

But ser, why this name?

An overview of the Operation

How will Operation Blood Moon work?

  1. A user navigates to the Carbon Calculator
  2. They then add their Ethereum wallet address, with Metamask
  3. The Carbon Calculator calculates the user’s carbon footprint based on their gas usage and transactions on the Ethereum network
  4. In addition, we’ll scan a wallet to see if it holds any tokens related to ESG projects from our whitelist, and provide a multiplier for an additional allocation
  5. The user will then have an option to create and connect a Hedera account with a corresponding email

The benefits for users

  • Viewing how much DOV users can claim
  • Access to all tokens users currently own, which will then provide them with a multiplier on the DOV they can claim

DOVU’s first step to DAO

  1. To provide a sizable snapshot opportunity of 10 million DOV to our early adopters
  2. Provide a 2–3 year runway for our various single-sided staking initiatives
  3. Encourage users from other chains to join us on Hedera with the main Blood Moon distribution

Offset vs claim

Setting up for success

What’s next?



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